I started my career in architecture school, but lost interest and flunked out.

However, my passion for design would not let me abandon interiors and I went to work as a gofer at an Atlanta-based interior design firm. There, somehow, without any forethought on my part, I fell into office design. I seemed to have a knack, which consists of two parts.

Part one: I’m a type A, anal-retentive organization freak. Yes, I alphabetize the 53 herbs and spices in my kitchen. And that’s just the beginning. If space is an issue, and it always is in pricey commercial real estate, space planning is at a premium and I made a career out of capitalizing on the need to make great use of space.

Part two: I want it to look great. Having an office that functions well andĀ gives the right look for the business is for me the ultimate achievement.

So herewith I present some of what I learned about office design, some aesthetic, some functional, some even financial. I hope you enjoy and that it’s helpful to you. Please contact me via the contact page.

Court Hamilton