Blow Back from the Open Office Trend

A modern open officeArticles in the Washington Post, The New Yorker and the Harvard Business Review all decry the trend to open offices. Office brokers, who are seeing an end to the office building slump, may not celebrate too vigorously if business owners listen to efficiency experts and rather than trendy architects. The trend in working from home is found to be more productive than either traditional office design and open office design.

Among the reasons given for open office being a bad choie.:

Studies have shown that noise levels even among younger workers impairs the ability to think, recall and even do simple arithmetic.

Lots more sick leave in companies with the open office format than with companies with private offices.

Lack of Privacy
Psychologist say that the lack of privacy leads to a sense of helplessness among workers in open offices, hence suppressed productivity and creativity.

Impaired Concentration
The distractions are way more than the nervous systems of even younger workers can abide. Again, productivity, creativity and job satisfaction sink compared to offices with offices.

Nevertheless,  it is said that 70 percent of all offices have an open floor plan.

Do you know which office arrangement provides the most productive workers? Working at home.

New office construction is definitely picking up, but the home office specter is going to hover over developments for some time to come.