Ergonomic Office Seating – and Standing

Modern ergonomic furniture is changing the look (and feel!) of the modern office. With current thinking warning that too much sitting is as harmful as obesity, furniture makers have stepped up with standing desks as well as some unusual and mega-comfortable seating.






















The Knoll Generation office chair purports to move with the posture of the sitter, whether in intense spreadsheet analysis or just napping. You can read more about it here.




Japanese office furniture manufacturer, Okumura, markets these ergonomic work stations. Purportedly, function dominates form, as the assemblage looks like a cross between the Star Ship Enterprise and a dentist office. This is an office designer’s challenge. An area rug or two here along with some plants might¬†be a good start to soften things up. I would love to see this in situ, if anyone as a picture. From Freshome.




You know the standing desk craze has caught on when Herman Miller steps up, literally. The company is renowned for chic, stylish office furniture. This model is adjustable to any height, from standing right back down to a standard sitting desk. More here




This desktop model might be the way to go for the ergonomically conscience, but budgetarily¬†constrained. It sits on the top of a regular desk and is adjustable to any height, including sitting. It’s called a Kangaroo. From Treehuger.