LED Desk Lamps Are Thoroughly Modern and Practical

Real estate writers have a lot to say about the declining need for office space. They site less storage requirements because of digital storage and the ability of employees to work from home, as two primary reasons.

Another small but important factor in the downsizing trend is LED lighting. LED lamps use a fraction of the amount of power as conventional lighting and put out a fraction of the heat. All the while they generate a healthy, off-white light that’s kind to the eyes.

The office not only saves space, but also money with lower electrical electrical bills.

And LED lights are chic. They express on contact a modern and with-it vibe that bolsters employee esprit de corps and customer confidence.

3 LED lamps in 3 colors

LED lamps come in a variety of colors.


They also come in a huge variety of shapes. This configuration suggests the old goose neck desk lamp, but it’s only a faint reminder.











The light-producing innards of an LED lamp give it a huge range of possible designs. The lamp becomes sculpture.











This model looks like it’s an extension of the desk. It perhaps runs the risk of being too institutional. You can imagine a row of these looking something like the visitors’ room in a prison.

Executive Summary

LED lamps:

1. save space
2. generate a lot less heat
3. cheap
4. longer lifetime
5. save power