Office Quirks

Moving offices or even renovating them always gives everyone in your business a fresh perspective about their job.

With the shrinkage in office space taking place in every sector, designers and owners need to be creative in the ways in imagining and implementing creative new office features.

Your first step is to figure out how to pay. In that pursuit consult with your tenant broker and let him be your contact with the landlord, who is your best source of funding.

If it’s a tenant’s market, the landlord may grant you a reasonable build-out at his expense. At the very least she may finance it with several months of free rent.

Here are some trending ideas in new offices.

Frosted Glass Partitions
One of the problems with a small office is the, ahem, it’s small! It’s small, but you don’t want it to look small. A great solution is frosted glass partitions. These have the advantage of offering the open and airy feeling of glass with a measure of privacy from the frosting.

This conference room in Google’s New York office is open, yet the frosted glass keeps its occupants from being ogle bait.

Collaboration Space with Writing Facility
The white board has recently giving up prestige to the old fashion blackboard, but you should follow whatever pleases you and your associates.


As you can see, the folks at Lumosity chose white.


Whereas this executive chose black for her think and reminder board. The black does tend to compress the space.

Paint Colors
Which leads us to the obvious. Small spaces need lighter shades to appear bigger. When asked, I would add lighter neutral shades.

This is a very small office, but remains spacious because of the muted grays and black highlights.

Amenities Room
We have all heard about the creative playrooms at Google and other high tech offices. These companies place a high value on creativity.

Those of us with far less money to spend must be even more creative if we are going to offer a space luxury like an amenities room.

If napping is an important value in your operation (many researchers are increasingly touting the value of napping), then a small space with a sleeping recliner might be the solution. Just figure out who gets to nap when!

Napping recliner