Plants in the Office

It can be tough on the spirit to sit in an office all day. Humans are just now adapting to this mode of working in the big scheme of things. Given that we have been evolving for millions of years, the time we have spent in offices is just a speck. No wonder many are not real comfortable sitting in a cubicle all day.

During those millions of years, we have been outside most of the time. Even 100 years ago most people spent most of their time outside. Our genes are set and calibrated for outside, for open spaces, for nature. We can cope inside, in offices, but we pay a price.

We get drowsy. Our minds wonder. With nothing to see but painted walls, our minds close up. Productivity suffers. Creativity suffers.

Now come a group of researchers from Australia which concluded that, “… an office ornamented with plant life can actually increase employee productivity by 15 percent.”

I’m sure your are chortling, “Do we need a study to tell us that?”

Of course not. But maybe the bean-counters in the upstairs offices (the ones with the plants) will take note and make an investment.

In case you are wondering what plants might work in your office, check out this guide from Lifehacker.

Picking the perfect office plant.